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10 Quick Kitchen and Stone Countertop Cabinet Cleaning Tips.

10 Quick Kitchen and Stone Countertop Cabinet Cleaning Tips.

Well, as the saying goes, “The Heart of a Home Is the Kitchen”, and thus a kitchen should remain as clean as possible for a clean kitchen keeps your family and home safe. Follow these great home cleaning tips that is not only effective but time-saving as well, to keep your kitchen and stone countertop cabinet spotless at all times.

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“The Heart of a Home Is the Kitchen”

1. By mixing a little hydrogen peroxide, a few drops of ammonia and water you will able to remove most juices as well as coffee stains.

2. To clean a blender, put in a little water and a drop of dishwasher before placing it back on the blender and switching it on for 20 seconds. Rinse it out after.

3. If you cannot clean your cast-iron pan with just water and a soft dishcloth, you may try rubbing it with a few tablespoons of salt and a paper towel.

4. You can buff away small scratches of your stone countertop cabinet with superfine 000 steel wool followed by a re-finishing.

5. You can make your own homemade cleaner to clean the tile floors of your kitchen by mixing half a cup of baking soda and approximately nine litres of water.

6. In order to deeply clean and deodorise your sink waste disposal unit, make ice cubes comprising half vinegar and half water, and grind it with them.

7. If you have a wooden floor in your kitchen you can get a nice shine by polishing it with a mixture of nine parts warm water to one part of white vinegar.

8. Scrub coffee-stained china cups with equal parts vinegar and salt to remove tough stains.

9. Apply some ketchup onto a small cloth and gently rub your copper and brass pans, pots and fixtures so as to remove tarnish.

10. By using lemon juice and a sponge, you can remove rust spots on your knives and brighten them once again.

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