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12 Common Home Renovation Mistakes – Interior Design in Johor Bahru

12 Common Home Renovation Mistakes – Interior Design in Johor Bahru

Home renovations are a big event for most of us want a living space that’s functional, safe and aesthetically to our liking. For others it’s likely to be their largest financial investment and a mistake at this point would be nothing short of a crisis. Even if you understand how home interior design in Johor Bahru works, a lot can still go wrong. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of common home renovation mistakes that every homeowner should know about:

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1. Consider the investment value of the renovation.

Understand that renovations won’t always be appreciated by prospective property hunters and don’t always add value to it. This is important to note if you intend to sell the property in future. In fact, some renovations would detract from its value instead. Lousy renovations are an especially large turn off for prospective buyers.

2. Plan for future repairs and remodelling.

As time goes by the home is bound to undergo wear and tear. Be sure to plan so that repairs or future renovation work can be completed more easily. A good interior designer will be experienced enough to avoid common home design flaws. You can also consider using modular kitchen wardrobes instead of pre-built ones which give homeowners a lot of versatility which can be customized or replaced if needed.

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3. Never go over-budget.

No matter how much you want that beautiful bathroom accessory it is always important that you stay practical and within your means. Some interior designers/contractors may also try to sell you services or items that you don’t really need and it’s not wrong to assert yourself on such matters. Also, weigh the consequences of taking a bank loan to finance the renovation – getting embroiled in debts you can’t pay is a good way to ruin your life.

4. Staying in a home that’s under renovation is hazardous to your health.

Loud noises, sawdust and power tools aren’t good for your health. If the severe long-term damage caused by exposure to sawdust (which can cause wounding and scarring in the lungs and is irreversible) isn’t bad enough, exposure to sawdust particles also causes severe irritations. Symptoms include sneezing, itching, coughing, runny noses, rashes and respiratory difficulties. It can also cause new allergic reactions to develop.

5. Penny-wise, Pound Foolish.

It’s pointless to spend all your money on a beautiful exterior only to completely ignore its interior. We do spend most of our time indoors whether with family or guests and hardly anyone thinks much of the exterior when they’re inside. Also, what would you do if grandma or grandpa slipped on the bathroom floor because you decided that skimping out on quality non-slip tiles was a good idea?

6. Ensure that your home doesn’t become a trap.

Always plan for sufficient exits and escape routes in case of emergencies. Not building enough escape routes is a common maneuver that renovation companies in Johor Bahru often resort to in order to cut costs, especially if the homeowner does not specify what is wanted. In the worst case scenario you and your family will thank your lucky stars that you had the benefit of foresight.

7. Always waterproof places where water is found.

Water has the potential to be a destructive force if it gets into the wrong place and it is important to properly waterproof your home. Roofs, bathrooms, kitchen sinks and concrete foundations/basements should always receive priority for waterproofing. Leaked water can cause wooden flooring and fabrics to rot and fester with bacteria. However, worse of all is when it soaks through concrete which contain embedded metals inside, which the embedded metals to rust and expand until eventually it ruptures the concrete. This is a serious problem that compromises the structural integrity of the home.

8. Find out the quality of workers a contractor will employ.

If you’re quoted a much lower price than another contractor there’s a good chance it’s very likely because of the lower quality of workers that that interior designer/contractor employs. Cost factors can vary greatly in renovation work, so be sure that you aren’t being short-changed or given services that do not meet your expectations. It is usually not a good idea to rely on low quality services no matter how cheap they as the danger posed by shoddy construction is not worth the risk or loss of quality of life.

9. Find an experienced contractor or interior designer.

Find a skilled and experienced project manager who knows how to keep errors to a minimum. While it might be tempting to hire a cheaper but inexperienced interior designer, they are prone to making bad decisions, such as forgetting to create the proper slope on bathroom floors to drain water and stop it from becoming stagnant.

10. Think colours through before starting.

Know what colours you want and their pros and cons before choosing them. The colours of tiles and solid stone surfaces are quite permanent and bolder, more striking colours are not just more difficult to match but also harder to colour over. If you’re not sure, choose neutral tones that match easily with just about anything (such as white or cream) or can be painted over more easily in future.

11. Always find a qualified wireman.

Always make sure that you hire only qualified wiremen. Bad wiring is the most common cause of electrical fires, which arise from electrical overloading and short-circuits. If the circuit breaker trips constantly for no apparent reason, burning odours that seem to come from nowhere linger, or if switch outlets are burnt and charred you should definitely call a professional for help.

12. Plan your furniture and fixtures.

When planning a room’s layout make sure that there’s enough space to accommodate furniture and large items while leaving enough room for walking or other activities. Also consider planning for more open room if you plan to invite guests over or for special activities like parties and celebrations. You’ll also find the extra space useful for future purchases such large items like treadmills or TVs.

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