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5 Excellent Kitchen Hacks

5 Excellent Kitchen Hacks

Even if you are already a pro in the kitchen, you can still take your kitchen skills to the next level with these amazing kitchen hacks! These tried and tested tips are devised to sharpen your kitchen skills even more so that you can make the most of your food by transforming the way you cook.

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  1. DIY an Orange Candle

Forget about using those plain old candles when setting up a dinner table. It’s time to be creative, fashion candles from oranges! All you need to do is to slice your orange perpendicularly to the part where the stem is and remove the flesh from inside of the orange. The white part that sticks out inside where the stem used to connect will work as the wick. Next, pour a small amount of olive oil inside and make sure that the skin and wick are soaked with the olive oil before lighting it up. There you have it, your homemade unique candle.

  1. Deodorise Your Refrigerator

You can choose to make use of baking soda that works wonder all by itself or you can try storing pre-brewed tea bags to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh. The tea leaves will absorb all other flavours and smells once it become porous hence it can help to prevent odours from building up.

  1. Prevent Over-boiling

Use the wooden spoon trick to keep your pots from boiling over. As wood is not a good heat conductor, thus a dry wooden spoon can destabilise the bubbles when they come into contact with its water-repelling surface, which will then cause the boiling water to retreat. So, just place a wooden spoon across a pot!

  1. Clean Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Do you know that flour can help to clean your stainless steel appliances? You can apply some dry flour onto a microfiber cloth, buff it into your stainless steel appliances and when you rinse it off, the surface of your appliances will shine like new again.

  1. Sanitise Your Sponge

Place the sponge upright with the help of a binder clip can not only help it dry faster but also decrease the moisture inside, thus preventing germs, mould and stink to build up in the sponge.

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