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6 Kitchen Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation.

6 Kitchen Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation.

Finding the perfect kitchen wardrobe design in Johor Bahru can be difficult if you’re picky. Perhaps you’ve found a design that you really like except for its colour. Maybe it just needs better lighting as described in our “7 Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips That You Simply Can’t Ignore”. If so check out the DIY ideas and kitchen remodelling tips we’ve put together below to get you started.

  1. Resurfacing.

Want a cool new look but don’t have the time for a complete overhaul? Resurfacing is for you!. For Aluminium kitchen cabinets, sign vinyl laminate is a cheap and easy option. However, you can only laminate flat surfaces. Spray painting will let you get around it but is a lot more work. Wooden faces, on the other hand, can be given a veneer finish or If you have the artistic skill have a beautiful design carved into the wood face for a truly unique look. Of course, you could always settle for pattern stencil art or wallpaper.

kitchen wardrobe design stencil

We know that’s not a kitchen cabinet but it clearly showcases the potential of stencil designs.

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  1. Repainting.

Whenever possible always choose a paint that’s safe, non-toxic and VOC- free (volatile organic compounds). Look for clay paints, lime paints, mineral paints other earth pigments, or paints made from organic sources like milk casein and plant extracts. Painting is a relatively straightforward task, if not labour intensive. Nevertheless I recommend you use computer software tools to help you plan your kitchen renovation project BEFORE you destroy your kitchen. Simply take a picture (of whatever you want to DIY), load it up into a graphic editing programme (e.g. Windows Paint or Adobe Photoshop) and go crazy.

kitchen wardrobe design in jb cabinet non-toxic paints

Get non-toxic paints. Remember the children!


  1. Place lighting underneath cabinets.

Because kitchens are often arranged so that the countertop work spaces are against the wall, relying on a single light source (presumably from the centre of the room) is a bad idea as you’d get in the way of the light. Bad lighting is a safety hazard and should be addressed ASAP. Placing small lights underneath cabinets is a smart way of solving this. They should be built into the cabinets to save space (and also keep the lights out from becoming an obstacle).

kitchen wardrobe design in jb cabinet lighting

Let there be light!


  1. Replace them knobs and handles.

With disturbing frequency, my sister and I used to pop off and replace Barbie’s head with other heads in our collection. Regardless we were always delighted with the results. You can apply this logic to the knobs and handles of kitchen cabinets for a quick new look. Check out your local hardware shop or kitchen specialist for those knobs, handles and other supplies. Be sure to get durable high-quality parts as moving parts are subject to wear and tear.


  1. Have Pull-Out Shelves installed.

Pull-out shelves are nifty for storing items such as cutlery, small bowls and towels and lets you make better use of all your available space. Most hardware shops or kitchen specialist shop should carry them. Consisting of shelves and side rails, installing them isn’t awfully difficult. However if you don’t like power tools you could always hire the services of a professional. Click on the following link to find a kitchen specialist in Johor Bahru near you.


kitchen wardrobe design in jb cabinet pull-out shelves

Pull-out shelves are super useful. Picture via Linda Porter, Pinterest.


  1. Attach straight cabinet handles and fixings.

Aside from providing excellent grip, straight cabinet handles can also be used to hang towels or hanging hooks from. They also never look too out of place no matter the theme of your kitchen – as long as they are of matching colour.

kitchen wardrobe design straight handles

You can hang dish towels on straight cabinet and drawer handles.

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