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7 Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips That You Simply Can’t Ignore.

7 Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips That You Simply Can’t Ignore.

7 Kitchen Renovation Tips That You Can’t Ignore.

Thinking of doing some kitchen renovation work? STOP – and read this first! You’ll be thankful you did…

  1. Plan, plan, plan!

Did you know that the Kitchen Work Triangle can really, really increase productivity, save space and prevent accidents from happening while working in the kitchen? You should also take some time to understand the kind of lifestyle you live and whether your kitchen is capable of putting up with it. Do you like marble? Honed or treated? Or do you know yourself as a messy person and prefer something that’s easy to clean but goes clang-clang a little more? Then aluminium kitchens are up your alley. Yup, that’s why it’s important to plan, plan, plan (!) so that you don’t miss out on important tidbits like that.

  1. Lights should illuminate, not cast shadows!
kitchen renovation 3

Good lighting is important in the kitchen. Countertop level lighting is particularly helpful as high central lighting tend to cast shadows on the work spaces in front of you. Good lighting also helps prevent accidents. Also, make sure that you stack kitchen cabinets and drawers as high as you can to maximize space.


Because kitchen countertops are often built against kitchen walls lighting coming from the middle of the room will inadvertently casts shadows as you’re often in the way. Not only does this hinder your work but it also sounds safety alarm bells! That’s why we recommend placing small lights underneath cabinets to help you see better when working on these countertops. They look really nice to boot!

  1. Where are the power sockets?

That microwave won’t run on its own. Take note of where the power sockets are when planning your kitchen and be sure that you know where your power appliances are going to be. You could pull extension cables around the kitchen, but it would be better if you didn’t have to. Remember that cables represent a tripping hazard.

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  1. Use every available space for storage!

Our recommendation? Stack those kitchen cabinets up, up and up, and at every little reachable space. You can always use a chair to reach for something you need rather than let it take up valuable work space. Also, size up your pots and pans and get drawers that are big enough to fit them. It’s better to put them away when not in use rather than let them take up space on countertops – you need space to work! Don’t forget kitchen hooks which make great additional space, which can be attached to the side of cabinets as well as on top of sinks. Click here for more small kitchen design tips.

  1. Safety first!
kitchen renovation 5 safety

Aside from good lighting, countertops with rounded edges are safer, especially when kids or the elderly are up and about!

It always raises a few hairs whenever I see angled edges on hard surfaces. Consider using tables and countertops with rounded edges, instead. Also, ensure that the kitchen (or any space in the house for that matter) is naturally illuminated by day to prevent accidents – like stepping on something sharp! Use slip-proof flooring (especially important if there are elderly or children in the house). Safety should be a top priority for any kitchen renovation project.

  1. Ventilate the area!

Good ventilation is a must when cooking, and a Exhaust hood is best for this. It not only keeps odours from making the room stuffy but also sucks up a lot of the oil that would otherwise get all over the kitchen. If you cook with a lot of spicy ingredients good ventilation also helps keep wafts of curry powder from stinging your eyes as well. Removing hot air also cools the room, making it more comfortable to work in (and perhaps from dripping sweat into the cooking).

  1. Don’t be a cheapo!

While it might seem like a good idea to outfit your kitchen with second-hand kitchenware it only becomes obvious how out of place these old, discoloured items are when they sitting together in your sparkling new kitchen. Besides, it’s not impossible to get brand new appliances at reasonable prices – just look around a little harder. Why subject your kitchen renovation to such heresy just to save a few bucks?

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