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Why Modular Wardrobe Designs? Versatile, Space-Saving and Affordable!

Why Modular Wardrobe Designs? Versatile, Space-Saving and Affordable!

Shopping for a wardrobe is an exciting endeavor, is it not? However, more than just appearances we mustn’t forget that it’s equally important to choose one that is made from good materials, is suitably sized for the space you plan for it, of course, is reasonably priced.

Therefore if you’re having difficulty finding something that fits your needs then you should seriously consider modular wardrobe designs. So what are they? Why are they so popular?

Modular Wardrobe Designs are versatile.

“But I don’t want to have to buy a separate wardrobe or resort to jury rigging (makeshift improvisation) to accommodate all my stuff, the way I want it. What if I had some space under the stairs and I wanted to fit some storage there? Or what if I wanted to clean out my old clothes and now had a lot space that’s not ideal for storing large, bulky items?” Ugh, how annoying.

But with modular wardrobe designs you could do this…modular wardrobe designs kitchen library 1

…by messing around with these:modular wardrobe designs kitchen library modules 1So after deciding how much and the kind of space that your wardrobe should have all that’s left to do is to snap the modules together (perhaps with some professional help) and – voilà! You now have a fully custom fitted-wardrobe! And if need be additional modules can be added or removed in future. Nifty!

Modular wardrobe designs come in both freestanding and built-in variations. While freestanding wardrobes are great if you’re finicky and want to shift the wardrobe around the house, built-in designs are typically built into the wall.

Space Saving.

The space-savings offered by built-in wardrobes is perfect when space isn’t a luxury – a common predicament in many new homes. In addition, built-in wardrobes can also be more aesthetically appealing as well. However, installing a built-in wardrobe is a more complicated process – and quite permanent, too.

Empty spaces could also be an invitation for creepy-crawlies to move in and make a home in, too. Cobwebs, cockroach poo and mites begone! Choosing the right materials and finishes can also stay some dusting and wiping chores.

If you have a small kitchen then read our blog for some great kitchen remodelling tips!

Affordably Priced.

You’ll also like to know that modular wardrobe designs are also relatively cheaper as they are mass produced in factories. That, combined with modern materials that are long-lasting, lightweight and relatively durable, make for a great package that’s hard to resist.

Starting this month, Kitchen Library will be offering both freestanding and built-in modular wardrobe designs. Contact the Kitchen Specialists of Johor Bahru for more information!

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