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How to design an Attractive and Highly Functional Rental Space on a Budget – Interior Design in Johor Bahru.

How to design an Attractive and Highly Functional Rental Space on a Budget – Interior Design in Johor Bahru.

Through careful planning, good workmanship and the use of practical furniture and curtains, the designers at Kitchen Library can turn any rental space into a high-end version of itself on a budget.

budget interior design in johor bahru eco-botanic

It’s never easy deciding how to decorate a piece of rented property. Whether you’re a tenant trying to carve out a little piece of home or a landowner trying to attract and retain one, the big question comes to mind; is it worth spending so much time and money on a temporary space? Hopefully not too much.

Also, with the growing popularity of homestays with tourists and the shifting business landscape to accommodate the new trend (which generally fetches a higher market price), property owners are looking for affordable yet effective interior design in Johor Bahru to provide solutions that will give them an edge as competition tightens.

Modern pragmatism: For a low-cost, high-end look.

A model example of what Kitchen Library can do for its clients looking for a truly effective low-cost makeover is this Eco-Botanic semi-detached house (feature image), which is now being rented out to a corporate tenant.

Taking into account our client’s preferences and needs, Kitchen Library decided on to take full advantage of the low-cost elegance that practical modern elements can achieve. Light creams and whites were selected for the primary ambiance, allowing for greater colour flexibility and to create a better sense of spaciousness in the living room.

Matching white day curtains were then added to adorn the home’s large windows, which provide some privacy while allowing filtered white light to flood the room. This is complemented by sets of contrasting dark heavy curtains that not only add some variation, but can be let down to completely darken the room.

Looking to do some beautiful interior design in Johor Bahru on a budget? Kitchen Library can help you do just that!

Bringing living spaces to life.

In the sitting room, dark brown sofas (with cream coloured legs that make it appear to be floating) encompass a small, cream coffee table to provide maximum space and comfort. And when it’s time to relax, occupants can kick back in front of the TV, which is housed in a hanging TV console constructed from durable, spray-finished wood, which helps save additional space while also adding a little extra storage and a couple of power sockets. (Price: RM2600)

Ample space between furniture and different areas has also been included to ensure unobstructed foot traffic as well as to clearly mark the beginning and end of each space.

budget interior design in johor bahru sitting room with tv console

Light, white drapes let filtered white light flood the room while providing a level of privacy while the TV console maximizes vertical space while providing low-level illumination as well as some additional storage and a couple of power sockets.

Modular wardrobes- a modern storage solution.

In the bedrooms, pre-fabricated built-in modular wardrobes inconspicuously line the walls and provide generous storage while maximizing vertical space. Aside from its affordability, modular wardrobes can also be customized to accommodate items of any dimension, such as long but thin dresses and pants, or large and bulky bags and pillows. (Price: RM600-1100 per module)

budget interior design in johor bahru modular wardrobe

Placed inconspicuously along the walls of low traffic areas, these modular wardrobes maximize vertical space to provide lots of storage at a low cost while complementing the overall elegance of the room.

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