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How To Design A Perfect Walk-In Wardrobe?

How To Design A Perfect Walk-In Wardrobe?

Walk-in wardrobes are sure to be the dream of many, for women especially, since a perfect walk-in wardrobe is always synonymous with the idea of luxury and a perfect dream home. However, building a walk-in wardrobe these days is no longer an impossible dream, for it is pretty much attainable with clever interior design ideas and tips. Therefore it does not matter if you have a big bedroom or a small one, be sure to follow these tips to perfecting your wardrobe that offers beautiful and well-organised storage solutions.

Maximise Space

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Since it is going to be a walk-in wardrobe, space available is definitely the most important factor to be considered. Hence analyse and estimate your bedroom’s potential to ensure that your walk-in wardrobe is roomy and spacious enough for your usage. Also, do remember to use the whole height for your walk-in wardrobe i.e.from floor to ceiling.

Decide On Walk-In Wardrobe Shape

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There are three common possibilities for a walk-in wardrobe design, you can choose either a straight walk-in wardrobe, a “U” shaped one or an “L” shaped walk-in wardrobe based on your individual needs and the space available in your bedroom.

Choose Your Style

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You can either be a minimalist or a glamourous person, hence make sure to incorporate your style into your walk-in wardrobe design. However in order to display natural continuation of your home, do use colour scheme that coordinates well with the colours in your room so that it will complement your overall home interior design.

Custom-built It

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Besides being unique and stylish, bespoke wardrobes are designed to fit the exact dimensions of your space perfectly. They are also created specially to suit your personalities as well as individual needs.

Ensure Proper Lighting

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As walk-in wardrobes get very little natural light and lighting is often overlooked, you can install some lights up high in the ceiling or to install brighter lighting fixtures inside of your wardrobe to ensure adequate lighting.

Install A Mirror

Image by jingdianjiaju1 via Flickr

A perfect walk-in wardrobe can never be complete without the existence of at least a full-length mirror. You can also consider installing mirrored wardrobe doors.

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