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Kitchen Remodelling Tips: The Kitchen Work Triangle.

Kitchen Remodelling Tips: The Kitchen Work Triangle.

kitchen remodelling tips feature 1Have you ever wondered if there were any kitchen remodelling tips that could help improve the way your kitchen works? Here’s a little secret that interior designers and kitchen specialists have been doing since the 1940s: The Kitchen Triangle.

Kitchen Remodelling Tips Numero Uno: The Magic Triangle.

The kitchen triangle is, you could say, is a formula used to best determine the most efficient layout for kitchens. It is derived from the relationship between the distance from the cooking stove to the sink (food preparation area) and to the refrigerator. If you were to draw an imaginary straight line from each of these key kitchen areas you’d get the ‘kitchen triangle’.

kitchen remodelling tips kitchen work triangle 1

Simplified illustration of a kitchen work triangle.

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Designing an efficient workspace.

These lines represent the paths taken during food preparation and the idea is to place these key points in such a way that they are close, but not TOO close to one another in order to reduce the amount of walking needed to get from one point to another. Too close and there won’t be room to move around. Too far and it would take unnecessary time and effort to move around.

By placing the cooking stove, sink and refrigerator together it also helps prevent unwanted traffic from crossing over and generally making a nuisance of itself.

Dimensions and considerations.

The general rules of a kitchen work triangle dictate that:

  1. Each line of the triangle should not be less than 1.2 m or longer than 2.7 m.
  2. The sum all sides of the triangle should be between 4.0 m and 7.9 m.
  3. Objects should not fall anywhere along the lines of the triangle by more than 12 inches. (30cm).
  4. There should be no traffic through the triangle.
  5. Tall objects should never come in between any two points of the triangle.

For other things aside from the kitchen work triangle itself:

  1. Each work aisles should not be less than 110 cm for one cook, or 120 cm for multiple cooks.
  2. Sinks should be fitted with a clear counter area of at least 61 cm on one side with a minimum of 46cm on the opposite side.
  3. The refrigerator should have a clear counter area of at least 38 cm on the side where the handle is located.
  4. Stoves and cooking stoves should have a clear area of about 38 cm on one side while the other side should be at least 30cm.
  5. The food preparation area should be at least 91 cm and be located next to the sink.
  6. Allow for 81 cm between a non-traffic seating area from the wall to the edge of the counter/table. If there’s traffic, increase it to 110 cm.

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Nothing is perfect.

Unfortunately like everything else in life – the kitchen work triangle has its disadvantages. The most apparent of which is that the concept assumes that the kitchen is made up of only three key areas; and thus does not upscale very well. For example: if multiple cooks were working in the same space but needed to get their ingredients from the same refrigerator their paths would probably cut across one another at some point.

Kitchen designers aren’t inflexible and workarounds are implemented as needed. Planning multiple work triangles into a workspace is a good way of overcoming this weakness. Kitchen remodelling tips are just that – tips – and should not override practicality.

It is important to note, however, that this isn’t an issue for the average homeowner, thereby still making it among the most viable kitchen remodelling tips about. At most that’d be multiple people helping each other out in the kitchen, with each person working in a specific role. Thus there is no need to move around very much and conflict of workspace probably wouldn’t occur.

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